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When caring for my patients, I take an integrative holistic approach. Over the years, I have gained experience in numerous techniques, such as deep tissue massage, orthopedic massage, myofacial release, medical massage and active isolated stretching. I have observed that the balance and function of the body can be restored by the appropriate application of these techniques.  Each treatment is tailored to the individual needs of the patient. A strong intention to facilitate wellness during the session makes the treatment thorough, efficient and effective. I am honored that my patients continue to rely on my care for the treatment of pain, injury, post-surgery and medical conditions.  

  • Graduated from the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, New York, NY in 1982

  • Completed Advanced Massage Therapy course at the Muscular Therapy Institute, Cambridge, MA in 1990

  • Completed training in Active Isolated Stretching at Aaron Mattes Therapy, Sarasota, FL in 2005

  • Member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 1986

  • Licensed in CT and NY

  • Serving my patients for over 30 years

"Most people don't know how good their

body is designed to feel."

  K. Trudeau  


Your massage treatment will be tailored to your specific needs, with various techniques being applied accordingly.  It is usually best to treat the whole body while focusing on the local areas where there are issues.  This raises the general health of the body, while supporting and creating a healing environment in the problem areas. 


Breaking with the traditional method of long painful stretches, AIS relies on short repetitive stretches that work with the physiology of the tissue to gently open up the body.  Muscles and fasciae are softened and lengthened, function of the joints is restored, and all the body's vital forces are augmented.  Besides experiencing the invigorating effect of AIS as a treatment, once learned, it is a very effective self-care technique.


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1-hour and 1.25-hour sessions, by appointment only.

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